Objectives :

To allow first aid workers to maintain their competences determined by the baseline of the training, at a level at least equal to his initial training.

Table of contents :

  • To identify the SST role in the company.
  • To seek remaining risks to protect
  • From protect to prevent
  • To examine and alert
  • From alert to inform
  • To rescue :
    • The victim has an heavy bleeding.
    • The victim is choking.
    • The victim feels uncomfortable and/or has abnormal signs.
    • The victim is suffering from burns.
    • The victim has got a pain when she moves.
    • The victim has got a wound without an heavy bleeding.
    • The victim doesn’t answer but she is breathing.
    • The victim doesn’t answer and doesn’t breath.
    • Special risks of the company (if necessary).

Pedagogical procedures and evaluation :

  • The content of the training is conformable to the baseline of INRS. After continuous evaluation of participants by the trainer, ACN delivers an attestation and a certificate of first aid valid for 2 years.

  • Theoretical presentation, incident simulation exercise, case study, trainer feedback.

  • List of pedagogical material :
    - IT equipment : computer, videoprojector, printer.
    - Demo equipment : material for simulation exercise, makeup, first aid manikin, defibrillator.